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Working on Several New Projects

2008-07-25 17:50:23 by andrewsowen

I am currently working on two new Flash projects. The first is a defense styled game with a high level of character and weapon advancement. I have most of the menus created and part of the game engine created. To view it in it's rough state look here: Protect What's Yours: ALPHA BUILD
My other game I am working on is a platform/puzzler mixed with RPG elements. It is set in Midevil times and has you playing as an imaginary knight. This game is very rough and is many months away from completion. For the sheer fun of it I have a demo posted here: EARLY DESIGN STAGE

Feel free to comment on any of the projects. I have one more project that is still in the idea stage. It will be a tank battle type game in which you will be able to fully upgrade your tank as you smash through the levels.

Thank you and have a great day!

Andrew Owen


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